Sketchboxopen in new window is a simple energy modeling tool which enables energy analysis of new construction and major retrofits of commercial buildings. Sketchbox can be used for conceptual design, full energy modeling of simple projects, or late in design projects.

The interface includes best practice default inputs that are responsive to changes in modeling paremters. The simplicity and robust defaults make Sketchbox approachable for less technical users or those without prior experience in energy modeling.

To support use as a simple, quick tool, Sketchbox makes a number of simplifying assumptions:

  • The modeling engine is DOE2.2open in new window
  • Buildings and shells are rectangular shapes with perimeter and core zoning
  • Loads are spread evenly throughout spaces
  • One per shell program type, HVAC system, and schedule; multiple shells possible
  • Energy conservation measures are applied individually (no bundling) and progressively
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